Me, Myself, and the Summer Rain

After spending eighteen years in the moist, humid, rainy, green corner of New England, I went to Rexburg, Idaho. Summer rain level - eh, so so. Wondrous thunderstorms rolled through from time to time and all the roommates would pile into a car to watch the storms from the top of the hill. Some of my favorite memories.

After a few years of that, I spent the next several summers in Provo, Utah. Summer rain level - quite disappointing. Provo in the summer is burning hot and dry with maybe a few thunderstorms. Don't get too excited when rain comes, it will only last 15 minutes. *tear*

The next summer was in Oxnard, California. Summer rain level - IT. NEVER. RAINS. EVER. EVER!!! Anger, sadness, heartbreak, ensues. If I had seen this incredibly depressing rain chart beforehand, I probably would have refused to go. Going back to Provo at the end of summer felt like a glorious rainforest in comparison to Southern California. When I saw my first rain after three months of dismally clear skies - I cried.

Summer in Twin Falls, Idaho was a step in a better direction. Like, a baby step. It was burning hot and dry, just like Provo, but there was this one week when it rained non-stop. The streets all flooded and the canyon wall started eroding. The little irrigation canals went from 3 feet wide to 10 feet wide. I would sit in the car extra long, just to hear the sound of the raindrops on the windshield. It was AMAZING. My favorite week of the whole summer.

And this summer we'll be in...

CEDAR. RAINY. RAPIDS. Is this a joke? No, is this HEAVEN?! I am exploding with happiness. Summer rain. Lots of it. All summer. In Iowa. I. Can't. WAIT.






I love Halloween. Well, I love Halloween MINUS scary movies, haunted houses, rotting flesh, ghosts, and racist costumes PLUS an extra dose of cute stuff and dressing up. I don't even really care what exactly we do on Halloween - as long as we are dressed up for it.

Since the holiday was on a Friday this year, I followed Jason to class and to work at BYU. I've got to say, BYU campus is probably the place to be on Halloween. We were sorted into our Hogwarts Houses (both Gryffindor.. I'm skeptical because I feel more Hufflepuff), got free food, danced for a music video, and got really sweaty. Onesies are TOASTY.

Past Halloweens - HERE and HERE.


Dream House

As in, this is literally a house I had a dream about. It was LAST summer and I drew this picture based off the dream. It was the type of home you would see in the Alps (I'm assuming) and it was nestled right in a giant cliff on the edge of a mountain. It overlooked an amazing valley and more mountains and it was just a really great place.

(above) Colored in for cuteness! So. The other day I was sitting in my Photo History class learning about the photographers who explored the west - particularly Yosemite. The following picture by Eadweard Muyrbridge “Valley of the Yosemite from Union Point” in 1872 came up on the slide...

Wait a second...

MY DREAM. Even though I drew the picture over a year ago, it suddenly came to my mind. Is that not the exact same landscape?! The cliff is just spot on. The valley and mountains are similar (and er, better) that what was in my mind.

I guess that settles it. Now looking for real estate in Yosemite National Park for purchase please.