"So what's it like..."

"So where you are from?"


"Woah! So what's it like living in Utah for you?"

or "Woah! So what's it like living in Idaho for you?"

It's a question difficult to answer. Is it different? Oh yes, very. A lot of people assume I'm coming from a huge metropolis and have a hard time adjusting to a small town. But the thing is, even the town we live in here in the middle of southern Idaho is actually bigger than the town I lived in back in Connecticut. The difference is in the surroundings. Twin Falls is crazy isolated from other towns. Utah Valley is crazy crowded with too many towns. Connecticut was a special blend of little towns and big towns appropriately spaced. THAT is what it is like.


Childhood Obsessions

I saw THIS post on a blog and loved it - the drawings and the theme. I read a bunch of the comments and found it really funny that so many people had obsessions in common, even though they are so random! I started reminiscing so much that I decided to do one myself. :)

Oregon Trail I take pride in that I can recognize so many historical landmarks on road trips because I had totally been there before.. in the Oregon Trail game. I also read almost every single Dear America book (thank you, elementary school book fair!) and the pioneer girl one was my most favorite.

Tornados I have a very specific memory from second grade when we did a report on our choice of topic and presented our notes on the class' overhead projector. I did mine on tornados - even though I had already did a different project on tornados. Call me the tornado expert.

Drawing This Landscape In elementary school, a lot of art classes involved following our teacher's instruction exactly in order to imitate what he was drawing. For years after, I would always draw landscapes just like the one from that art class (*insert comment on school destroying creativity??*). A funny side note - a friend saw one of these drawings once and told me "they have mountains like that in Utah!" but I didn't believe her. Mountains don't REALLY look like that, except maybe Mount Everest! (Yes, they do)

Fairies and Mermaids But then again, I guess most girls were? I have some really detailed pictures of entire fairy communities living on flower petals and also some 'original' stories still intact today.

This Dress? I have aaaalways doodled dresses and gowns. There was a time in life that every dress I drew had this style. The square neckline, the wide sleeves, and criss-cross pattern were a MUST. No exceptions!

White Girls Taken Captive by Native Americans I read maybe 3 or 4 books on this subject. It was the best because when the white townspeople finally found her years later, she often did not want to return home! She stayed with the tribe and became one of them and this STILL FASCINATES ME! I love all things Native American so much (and not in any way like THIS.. *roll eyes*)


The 4th

This year I've really been drawn to reading historical biographies about World War II... just like my dad. :) I read Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand (SO SO SO AMAZING), the Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom (touching, sincere, beautiful), and Lost in Shangri-La (fun read). The first book, in particular, has made me swell with patriotism ever since I've put it down. I don't think we as a country (myself included) really understand the sacrifices, the lives, and the battles it took for us to be here today.

An unfortunate example that I can't get out of my head: This weekend at the Independence Day parade, the little float carrying the veterans passed by. These little old men with their uniforms have my heart because of these stories I've read about men just like them. I love them. Next to us on the curbside were two boys, maybe 9 and 10 years old. "GIVE US CANDY!!!" they shouted to the old men. "CANDYYYYY!!!" and demanding so on and so forth. The old men just smiled half-heartedly, they didn't have any candy on their float.

25,000 casualties in the Revolutionary War. 600,000 casualties in the Civil War. 110,000 from WWI and 405,000 from WWII. You have the opportunity to respect a soldier and survivor of war... and you are SCREAMING AT THEM FOR CANDY.

What. Is. Wrong. WITH. YOU. You disrespectful children. I was so angry and heartbroken. Don't they understand THE ENTIRE POINT OF THIS HOLIDAY. Though I do love the festivities of the Fourth, I haven't felt the same about it since coming to a better understanding of our history. I don't expect everyone to cry during the fireworks (..maybe I did), but I believe the holiday does deserve some degree of respect, reverence, and gratitude to those who have fought for our freedom. Happy birthday America, I love you so very much.

These images are from our Fourth of July in Menan, Idaho. Population 700. :) It was the most perfectly perfect tiny town to celebrate in. Our friend's grandparents have a farm in Menan and I loved every second of our day spent there. I love Idaho and grandparents and farms and flags and parades with miniature horses and America so so so much.