Dream House

As in, this is literally a house I had a dream about. It was LAST summer and I drew this picture based off the dream. It was the type of home you would see in the Alps (I'm assuming) and it was nestled right in a giant cliff on the edge of a mountain. It overlooked an amazing valley and more mountains and it was just a really great place.

(above) Colored in for cuteness! So. The other day I was sitting in my Photo History class learning about the photographers who explored the west - particularly Yosemite. The following picture by Eadweard Muyrbridge “Valley of the Yosemite from Union Point” in 1872 came up on the slide...

Wait a second...

MY DREAM. Even though I drew the picture over a year ago, it suddenly came to my mind. Is that not the exact same landscape?! The cliff is just spot on. The valley and mountains are similar (and er, better) that what was in my mind.

I guess that settles it. Now looking for real estate in Yosemite National Park for purchase please.



"We can draw three lessons from nature's grandeur: first, God exists; second, God is powerful; and third, God loves us. One way we can feel a surety of the Creator's existence is to observe His handiwork. 'All things denote there is a God; yea, even the earth, and all things that are upon the face of it' (Alma 30:44)."

My favorite quote, by Mark J. Nielsen.


House >>> Home

You know how there is always the debate about which version of Price and Prejudice is best? I choose the Kiera Knightley version - BECAUSE IT IS BEAUTIFUL. It's just.. so beautiful. Historical accuracy or likeness to the book? I don't know. But I don't care! I love beautiful, enlightening things and places and spaces. I love the outdoors and happy colors. This make-over has been a long time coming. I didn't care about making it match or have a theme - I just wanted something beautiful and happy and bright. THANK YOU HUSBAND for indulging my passion (*most* of the things we already had, just rearranged!).

House, you are now my home.