Right Here

This morning I was thinking about when we met and checked back into my journal to confirm a suspicion - it happens to be four years TODAY that we first met right in this spot at a dance at BYU-Idaho. Three months later it was in this same exact spot where Jason first asked me on a date. Those have been the two very best days of my life.


Pretend This is a Christmas Card '14

I can't see myself reasonably deciding to send out a Christmas card when it's just the two of us. Nonetheless, I enjoy thinking about them every year. So... pretend this is a Christmas card. 2014 addition!

This year we lived in two states and visited another five or so. Trips taken to Yellowstone and California, photographed a dozen weddings, dressed up as cats for Halloween. Got a little bit closer to graduation and grad school (for him). Became an aunt and uncle. Married for 2.75 years and counting.

Looking forward to the year to come! Merry Christmas to all.

(and to all a good night)


Me, Myself, and the Summer Rain

After spending eighteen years in the moist, humid, rainy, green corner of New England, I went to Rexburg, Idaho. Summer rain level - eh, so so. Wondrous thunderstorms rolled through from time to time and all the roommates would pile into a car to watch the storms from the top of the hill. Some of my favorite memories.

After a few years of that, I spent the next several summers in Provo, Utah. Summer rain level - quite disappointing. Provo in the summer is burning hot and dry with maybe a few thunderstorms. Don't get too excited when rain comes, it will only last 15 minutes. *tear*

The next summer was in Oxnard, California. Summer rain level - IT. NEVER. RAINS. EVER. EVER!!! Anger, sadness, heartbreak, ensues. If I had seen this incredibly depressing rain chart beforehand, I probably would have refused to go. Going back to Provo at the end of summer felt like a glorious rainforest in comparison to Southern California. When I saw my first rain after three months of dismally clear skies - I cried.

Summer in Twin Falls, Idaho was a step in a better direction. Like, a baby step. It was burning hot and dry, just like Provo, but there was this one week when it rained non-stop. The streets all flooded and the canyon wall started eroding. The little irrigation canals went from 3 feet wide to 10 feet wide. I would sit in the car extra long, just to hear the sound of the raindrops on the windshield. It was AMAZING. My favorite week of the whole summer.

And this summer we'll be in...

CEDAR. RAINY. RAPIDS. Is this a joke? No, is this HEAVEN?! I am exploding with happiness. Summer rain. Lots of it. All summer. In Iowa. I. Can't. WAIT.