Let's Talk About Christmas

Let's talk about Christmas. Not about how it was practically two months ago.. but I wanted to share a few pictures I remembered were floating around on my phone. I really wanted to do homemade gifts for our family members this year because a) it's more meaningful and b) more affordable. And it just feels good to put your talents to use, you know? Here's a look...

^^^ What they really look like compared to how I painted them. In retrospect I got the heights a little scewy and hair colors off, but generally I'm happy with the result. Even happier when I see what I've made hung up on their wall in the front room. :) ^^^ We originally wanted to take a family photograph, but since their oldest is out on his mission now - this was the next best thing! ^^^ We like cats. On the left is the incomplete picture of my mom with all the cats she has had throughout her life. NOT AT THE SAME TIME. I think I later added to it, "We all love Mom! - The Cats". We're funny like that. On the right is my sister's gift - a personalized sweater with a picture of her cat. I'm pretty proud of this. ^^^ A friend got in contact with me about painting a family portrait to give to her parents as a Christmas gift after she saw the one of our family I made for Gramps. I love playing with watercolor paints and this was fun to create!


  1. We love our photo! I just printed 5x7s for my siblings, and put your painting at the top of our birthday magnet for the family =)

  2. Let me know how much you would charge for a painting! I'm interested! Super cute and classy!